Metal Recycling Services in Aurora

Looking for metal recycling services in Aurora?

Get paid to recycle your materials in an eco-friendly way.

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Bring Your Junk

Load up your metal items and bring them to our yard. We weigh and pay cash.


Junk Your Car

Do you have an old clunker sitting around. Give us a call, we can tow it for you and get you cash today.


Demo Scrap

Are you getting ready to start a large project or does your business generate metal. We can help!

About Us

Aurora Metal Recycling is your local green metal recycling company, committed to keeping our neighborhood eco-friendly. We dispose of your junk metal the healthy way! By purchasing your metal and processing it to be reused, we keep waste from landfills. Most importantly, we keep money in your pocket.

Copper, aluminum, brass, household appliances, and more, Aurora Metal Recycling finds the value in your junk. We are located at 619 Spruce St. Aurora, Illinois. Our services include dumpster drop-offs, pick-ups, collaborative recycling projects, and the purchasing of used cars. Contact us today to discover more about our metal recycling services in Aurora!

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Get paid to recycle your materials in an eco-friendly way.

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