Aurora Metal Recycling

When you recycle with AMR you are deterring harmful waste from landfills and making it possible for your materials to be reused

...and getting PAID to do it!

Hours of Operation: M - F : 7:30a - 5:00p | Sat: 7:30a - 1:00p | Sun: CLOSED

Who We Are.

At Aurora Metal Recycling we use state of the art recycling equipment that reclaims all of the fluids from your automobile, and we also take your scrap metal and turn it into cash.

What We Do.

1Bring us your scraps

Visit our location at 619 Spruce St. Aurora, IL 60506. Here, we purchase all your materials with a high tech computer system and pay cash.

2scrap your car

We have state of the art machinery to handle all the toxic fluids contained in your car. Recycle or dispose of all fluids in an environmentally safe manner.


In some cases it is neccessary far o pick-up to be made. If you would like to know if your load qualifies, you can reach us at (630)262-3888.

Demo Scrap

Are you getting ready to start a large project or does your business generate metal.  We can help!.

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Junk My Car

Do you have an old clunker sitting around.  Give us a call, we can tow it for you and get you cash today.   630-538-6544

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